UMIX Hosted Security Solutions

Our hosted security solutions, connects you to us, via your network with our cloud servers handling all of the smart processing, remotely. Your data is accessible 24/7/365 via any securely internet-connected device, including tablets, smart phones and computers with real-time alerts to your device to let you know if anything untoward is detected at your premises.


Using latest Cloud technology we are able to share corporate level security to everyone and every premises. Complex challenges that come with using analogue CCTV systems can be a thing of the past. UMIX’s Hosted Security System makes use of Milestone® corporate software together with the latest IP camera and encoding technology. This software allows both domestic and commercial clients to take greater control of their security management – from anywhere in the world.

Data security is key and that is why it is stored securely inside secure data centres, backed up, encrypted. We manage your users accounts ensuring only the right people have access to your system. We look after who can see it, when they can see it and what they can see. We are Accredited to ISO27001 and use AES-256 Encryption alongside multi-site data-backups as standard. Your data has never been safer.

As all of your data is held securely off-site at dedicated data centres, there is no risk of anybody trying to destroy the evidence after committing a crime on the property. UMIX Cloud also comes with advanced video analytics that notify you with instant alerts as soon as there is anything suspicious on your property, allowing security to concentrate on their job, rather than just monitoring CCTV footage.

There is more to the UMIX cloud than simply securing your premises. Our smart processing turns your cameras into advanced data gathering devices that can offer a whole host of shopping analytics such as footfall and heat-mapping.

Commercial Plan 32

£199.99 (ex VAT) Per Month

Personal Plan 8

£24.99 (ex VAT) Per Month

Commercial Plan 16

£114.99 (ex VAT) Per Month

Personal Plan 4

£19.99 (ex VAT) Per Month

Commercial Plan 8

£59.99 (ex VAT) Per Month

Personal Plan 2

£14.99 (ex VAT) Per Month

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