Commercial CCTV Systems

The commercial CCTV systems provided and managed by UMIX will be able to act as a deterrent to those committing theft around your premises. The technology is also set up to deliver vital evidence in the case that a crime has been committed.

By having commercial CCTV installed around your working environment, you’ll be able to effectively manage operations where large volumes of people, vehicles and materials are present too.

Choose UMIX for the installation of your commercial CCTV systems and you will also receive peace of mind that the technology will be set up by experienced security experts and IT specialists who work on the mindset that ‘everyone has the right to feel safe’.

Once installed, our devices will use advanced video analytics to instantly alert you to any suspicious activity around your premises, as well as smart processing techniques, that transform each camera into advanced data gathering devices.

Buy your commercial CCTV cameras online or get in touch with our knowledgeable team if you’d like further information about the technology we have available. Have you also seen our range of personal CCTV systems?