Hosted video applications are great if you are looking to protect and develop your business. However, if you find yourself querying just what is hosted video, then this blog post by UMIX can help. 

Defining hosted video

Hosted security solutions have come on leaps and bounds since the development of cloud computing.

A term given for the delivery of hosted services over the internet, the cloud opens the door for compute resources to be consumed as a utility, as opposed to you having to build and maintain all of the necessary computing infrastructures within your actual business facilities.

As a result, such a concept when combined with hosted video allows you to install equipment like security cameras and encoders around your property. You can then leave the task of maintaining any recordings and monitoring procedures to a service provider.

The benefits of hosted security solutions

Hosted video stands out as an effective surveillance system as it enables you to view live video and recordings on your internet browser without the requirement of having system software set up on the computer.

Short on space in your property? Then you will be pleased to hear that hosted security solutions require no DVR, NVR or relay server device to be present on-site — these are all stored within a secure data centre.

Understanding the types of hosted video

Hosted security solutions come in various guises. The following are the main types of this technology:

Video surveillance

Third-party services such as the remote verification of a false alarm at one of your business’ premises, or the undertaking of a virtual guard tour, can be achieved by using hosted video for video surveillance.

Video-enabled business management

By looking into hosted security solutions for video-enabled business management procedures, you can enhance how retail business operations are carried out at your facilities. Everything from the distribution of manpower to the remote handling of a package delivery and the setup of point of sale systems can be streamlined.

Video-enabled guard force services

Had a security incident at one of your facilities? The video-enabled guard force services arm of hosted video technology means that you can easily task security guards to head along to the location in question and control the situation.

Temporary surveillance

Whether you are in charge of a construction site or tasked with setting up an open-air event, there are many times when you will only need to observe a scene for a limited time. For such scenarios, temporary surveillance will make for a very convenient and cost-effective solution for enhancing security.